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This article investigates effects of transiting Pluto squaring natal Mars in mundane charts, from a historic perspective. Based on this experience, I will present at the end of this article some possible flow of events in the case of Palestine, Ukraine and Estonia, as for the next years these country will be affected by a Pluto square natal Mars influence.

In natal astrology, this transit's influence us: "This is an especially potent transit and, in some circumstances, it can be quite harmful if mishandled. Positively, you will probably have more energy and ambition than usual now. You have the capability to achieve a great deal through single-minded effort and determination. Quite possibly, you may push yourself to the limit or to the point of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion now. Less positively, there can be power struggles with others involving issues of dominance and subservience. Arguments can be emotionally intense now. In extreme circumstances, there can be exposure to physical danger or cruelty; thus it is advisable to avoid contact with destructive people and to stay out of tough neighbourhoods."

Pluto square Mars * Events

USA - Pluto square natal Mars in 1967-1968
Events: Vietnam war with huge casualities, assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1968 and Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968.
pluto square mars - USA chart
USA: July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA

North Vietnam - Pluto square natal Mars during 1968-1970
Events: major clashes between the North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops on one side and South Vietnamese and U.S. troops on the other.
pluto square mars - North Vietnam chart
North Vietnam: July 21, 1945, 2:45 am GMT, Hanoi, Vietnam
In the previous two examples, U.S.' Mars is in opposition with North Vietnam's Mars, and during the Vietnam War transiting Pluto was in square with this axis, with both Mars, activating this terrible conflict.

Germany - Pluto square natal Mars during late 1917 and 1918
Event: World War I - the second half, Germany losing ground on all battlefields
pluto square mars - Germany chart
Germany: January 18, 1871, 1:00 pm LMT, Versailles, France

Romania - Pluto square natal Mars in 1916-1917
Event: in August 1916 Romania attacked the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after initial succeses, in December the same year, the German army occupied two thirds of the Romanian territory, forcing the authorities to fled in Moldavia, representing the most critical period of the Romanian state's existence. When the transit's influence passed, Romania stroke back, recovering its territory.
pluto square mars - Romania chart
Romania: February 5, 1859, 2:41:15 pm LMT, Bucharest, Romania
In the previous two examples, Germany's Mars is in opposition with Romania's Mars, and during the World War I transiting Pluto was in square with this axis, with both Mars, activating the conflict.

Islam - Pluto square natal Mars in 2003-2004
Event: Iraq war - US and allies attacked and occupied Iraq, facing a fierce resistence from local population
pluto square mars - Islam chart
Islam: July 15, 622, 10:19:14 pm LMT, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Egypt - Pluto square natal Mars in 1973
Event: Egyptian and Syrian, backed by other Arab allies attacked Israel on Yom Kippur day, which turned out difficult for the attackers
pluto square mars - Egypt chart
Egypt: June 18, 1953, 11:30 pm GMT, Cairo, Egypt
As seen in the previous examples, transiting Pluto in the 12th house square natal Mars manifested as an urge to express inner feelings of anger against a situation that became unacceptable and led to attacking to a neighbour (Mars in the 3rd house in the case of Egypt, it referred to Israel) or to a country with military superiority (Mars in the 10th house in the case of Romania, it referred to Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire)

Israel - Pluto square natal Mars on November 4, 1995
Event: Israeli Prime Minister Yitschak Rabin was assassinated by a right wing Israeli opponent of the peace proces.
pluto square mars - Israel chart
Israel: May 14, 1948, 4:37 pm EET, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sweden - Pluto square natal Mars on September 18, 1961
Event: death of Dag Hammarskjold, diplomat, United Nations general secretary, in a plane crash while on a peace mission to Congo, possibly murder.
pluto square mars - Sweden chart
Sweden Constitution: December 7, 1865, 3:20 pm LMT, Stockholm, Sweden

China - Pluto square natal Mars in June 1989
Event: Tien-an-Men Square Massacre - hundreds of protesters were killed, many other wounded or arrested following massive street demonstrations
pluto square mars - China chart
China: October 1, 1949, 3:01:36 pm CCT, Beijing, China

Other more benign examples:
United Kingdom - Pluto square natal Mars in late 1945 - 1947
Event: postwar period, errosion of the previous world superpower status, India gained its independence from the UK in August 1947.
pluto square mars - UK chart
UK: January 1, 1801, 12:01 am GMT, London, England

Japan - Pluto square natal Mars in 1908-1910
Event: rise of the nationalist pride in Japan, annexion of Korea
pluto square mars - Japan chart
Japan - Meiji Constitution: February 11, 1889, 12 pm LMT, Tokio, Japan

Northern Ireland - Pluto square natal Mars in 1994
Event: just as the effect of Pluto-Mars square faded away for a while in August-September 1994, the Irish Republican Army announced ceasefire
pluto square mars - Northern Ireland chart

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